Help & Advice Reference Carpet Spillages

Using Spot & Stain Removers Incorrectly Can Cause Permeant Damage To Carpets

Basic Advice Reference Carpet Spillage Removal

Please note the below content is for guidance purposes only and is not a guarantee to successful stain removal. It is very basic and general advice for common spillages and stains on Carpets & Upholstery. Every stain is different and removal techniques can be varied and complicated.

Working from the outside of the spillage inwards, blot the area, do not rub or scrub. Gently press a white paper towel into the stained area to remove moisture.

Remove as much of the spillage as possible.

Apply warm, not hot water with a white cloth or white kitchen towel, to the stained area. Do not over wet the carpet. Blot the area, do not rub or scrub. Continue to blot the area until the stain stops transferring to the towel.

Place layers of white paper towels on the spill to absorb the liquid. Weight down the towels with a non-staining plastic, glass or ceramic object. Leave the towels overnight to soak up as much of the moisture as possible.

Spot & Stain Removers

All carpet cleaning products including those bought of the shelf in supermarkets have the potential to cause your carpets irreversible damage and staining.

Only too often, it is the chemical the customer has used to remove a spillage or stain, that has itself stained the carpet or caused more damage than the original spillage or stain.

Problems with discolouration’s etc of carpets through using a carpet cleaning spot or stain cleaner/remover may not instantly show. We would strongly recommend you pre-test the cleaner/remover and check results over a period of time, before regular use in obvious areas.

When using a carpet cleaning spot or stain remover always spray into a white cloth and apply the cloth to the area of concern, never spray the solution directly onto the carpet.

  • Blot Carpet Spillage Area Do Not Rub & Scrub
  • Absorb Spillage With A White Cloth
  • Caution When Using Spot & Stain Removers
  • Always Pre-test Spot & Stain Removers
  • Spot & Stain Removers Can Cause More Damage To Your Carpet Than The Original Stain